TIGF #3 – lofi hiphop

For years now, I’ve always found it a little difficult to contentrate on anything for long periods of time. I can usually manage 40-50 minutes and then it’s like, a switch in my brain, and I lose all concentration. To help combat / ease this, I’ve always turned to music. And over the years, between […]

Sweat, sweat, and sweat.

There’s the old adage that healthy eating is only one half of the weight loss puzzle. The other half is exercise. So, dear reader, this evening, I did my first LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training) session. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. But having a long chat at the weekend about motivation, I got […]

10 Books Challenge

Ever the intense curator of my social media channels, I don’t usually partake in the ’10 days to post 10 x things’ challenges, and always feel a bit of a killyjoy for not taking part! A few weeks ago, my good friend Charlie tagged me in a ’10 books without explanation’ sort of challenge. I […]

The inevitable follow-up post.

I confess, when I published my last post (here) at 3am a few days ago, I certainly wasn’t expecting the reaction I got. Over the past few days, I’ve received so many lovely comments, advice, messages, phone calls, even letters(!). It’s all been a little overwhelming. So, let me start here: thank you. And I […]

Dealing with my biggest problem.

Preface Oh boy. Here we go. The importance of #bodypositivity cannot, and must never, be downplayed or undermined. This is not that at all. This is a strictly personal issue which I’m choosing to write about to help with me deal with issues of accountability and the sense of failure I’ve felt in the past. […]

Silence is not enough.

Since the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and riots worldwide, I haven’t posted anything about the situation. Mostly because I haven’t known what to say. I still don’t. But, silence isn’t enough, even today, on ‘Blackout Tuesday’ – it’s important to stand side-by-side in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, but […]

My quest to make ‘Granny’s Lemon’

Growing up, there were some very distinct choices for squash at home: Robinson’s Fruit & Barley Orange, non-brand Cherries and Berries, or, ‘Granny’s Lemon’. Granny, my mum’s mum, up until fairly recently, regularly made batches of homemade lemon cordial – and this stuff is so distinctive, so lemony, and oh so very sweet. And it’s […]

TIGF #2 – ‘Fortunately’ with Fi & Jane

Despite writing in my previous TIGF post about how I’ve taken to walking the dog without headphones, when I do wear headphones on a dog walk (perhaps on a quicker walk or greyer day), I’ve recently taken to listening to the BBC podcast ‘Fortunately‘, presented by Fi Glover & Jane Garvey. I used to listen […]

TIGF #1 – Evening Sun

I think there’s something very bittersweet about May. On the one hand, it’s when summer really comes into its own, we say goodbye to the relative uncertainty of April and see the temperature climb as we nudge towards the height of the summer season. The reason I find it a little bittersweet though is owing […]

Can you believe it?

I forgot that blogging semi-regularly was my 2020 New Years Resolution. In my defence, I did remember that learning French was my 2019 Resolution, and as such, I’m nearly at my 500 day Duolingo streak, so, hey that’s something. I think I definitely find it easier to post if I have a structure around what […]

My Top 20 Albums of 2010s

Would this be a clichéd blog if there wasn’t an end-of-decade retrospecive? Absolutely not. Between January 2010 to December 2019, I’ve gone from aged 16 to 26, and boy have I changed a lot. Am I still listening to the same few albums on repeat to deal with anxiety about getting older and life in […]

My 2020 Resolution

I’ve no idea how many sub-sites, little projects, or portfolios I have dotted around the internet. I’ve been the internet for as long as I remember, I grew up with it, and I started blogging back in 2010 in a corner of the internet that I rediscovered earlier this year. Oh boy is there some […]